Etown Services Corporation

Etown giving a platform to publish relevant and accurate information in every of its Business Information Portal. Every town that we operate has got the information portal and all the registered members are listed and grouped based on their business category. Every end user of Etown’s “Business Portals” will be getting a accurate information about the shop / Organization / Individual.

Mani India Technologies (P) Ltd.,

Mani India Technologies is a small business enterprise originally formed in FY-2004. The key focus of Mani India Technologies is in providing business pinpoint driven enterprise solutions across various industries such as e-Commerce, Federal & State Government, Communications, Finance, Banking, Education, Automobile, Bio-Informatics, Healthcare/HMO, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Forest and Petro Chemicals.

Mani India Technologies specializes in providing very complex, large scale, distributed grid computing Service Oriented Enterprise Architectures (SOEA) and business process focused solutions. Mani India Technologies joins with its customers and their business trading alliance and works as one team in assisting them to meet their vision, mission and long term goals.