BIO HRMS is a software application developed to more effectively perform attendance management tasks. With an emphasis on high security attendance management, the job is much easier for the Human Resource (HR) manager and attendance reports can filed faster.

Product Vision
  • Combination of location and biometric based attendance entry with employee tracking.
  • Employee attendance tracking biometric and non biometric.
  • Employee attendance tracking through mobile app system.
Design Vision

The BIO HRMS Attendance option navigates the user to record the day’s attendance. To record attendance, every user must enter a valid Attendance-Employee ID.

Recording attendance through the BIO HRMS Biometric device is more secure and faster. Bio Users can record attendance by submitting their Attendance-Employee ID from the correct GPS location. BIO HRMS requires fingerprint (Biometric) authentication to complete the attendance record. Recording attendance from an unknown location is not recognized resulting in an invalid record.


Information Architecture

BIO HRMS is a software application integrated with Bluetooth enabled Biometric and RFID Authentication device which emphasis on high security attendance management. It marks attendance with GPS location and prevents unauthorized attendance tracking done from a non-registered location.

Technical Architecture

BIO HRMS allows managers to track attendance through a smart phone. For high end security purpose and reliability, BIO HRMS marks attendance with GPS location and a biometric device (fingerprint reader). BIO HRMS prevents unauthorized attendance tracking done from a non-registered location.

Feature Set
  • Easy portable Bluetooth bio-metric fingerprint device and user friendly mobile app.
  • Real time location based attendance reporting and tracking
  • Easy installation and handling to reduce the man power usage.
  • Highly Scalable and reliable biometric authentication, that can be easily implemented for various systems
  • This solution also increases the productivity of an organization, since the sales executives and on field workers idle time can be monitored and reduced.
Title Feature
  • Authentication Performs in a secure manner, independent of network device and application layer.
  • In biometric application performs authentication dependents upon the Real Id device.
  • User profile and all biometric data are store and maintains the Real Id server.
  • Biometric device interface with media device to operate the applications
  • In all biometric encrypt and decrypt function perform in a bio-device.
  • Real Id host is an authentication platform, its do the all biometric authentication.
  • Biometric template maintains and updated in Real Id server.