Core Banking Services for Merger and Acquisitions

KAT Enterprise offers a better solution for the merged entity. Our SaaS Solution provides greater visibility into the data of an organization, leveraging executive dashboards with AI for Decision support. We help your bank make more profitable decisions. Our dual core approach eliminates millions in Core cancellation fees.


Two Problems: No Visibility into data and Core Cancellation Fees:
  • Example: Bank A buys Bank B.
  • Problem one: No view into data of combined entity for 6-9 months.
  • Problem two: The transaction results in Bank B Core cancellation fee.


Current Solution:
  • Contract with a vendor to move the data from one core to another core.
  • Cost $250-300k and 6-9 months to move to another core.
  • Pay the cancellation fee typically ~ $1M per year remaining on contract.
  • Vital IT staff now have 2 FT jobs.
  • Customer Experience suffers as new processes and learned.
  • Bank staff worried about job security.


A Better Solution for the Merged Entity:
  • Build Managed API gateway that allows select data from both Cores to be moved into a single cloud repository. (SaaS)
  • This provides visibility into the combined data.
  • Leverage executive level dashboards to provide Realtime insight into key KPIs
  • Combine with AI for decision support to facilitate more profitable decisions.
  • This allows the merged entity to access combined data more quickly.
  • Reduces cost of the deal by eliminating cancellation fees.
  • Cost is one year Core fee. Typically – $1M.