E-Credentialing Solutions Application

E-Credentialing Solutions provides document management and personnel tracking for the Health Industry. When professionals such as Nurses, Technicians, and other staff are dispatched to work in hospitals and other facilities, they must meet a certain level of “credentialing” before they are allowed to work at a given facility.

Product Vision
  • Primary Licensure Verification tool
  • Maintain and Monitor User’s Information such as Health and Background information, Competency test details, Certifications, their specialties, License info and demographic information.
  • Manage New, Active employees, Active Staff, Active company members, company employee Associations, Inactive (employees, company and staff)
  • Create reports for employee Audit on one click to show all active employees and licensure information
Design Vision

ECS provides cost effective solutions that simplifies the compliance process and provide easy access to verification during audits. Another main component of e-credentialing solution is the online training and online tests that lead to some of the credentialing in the form of modules and certificates.

Information Architecture

End User

This level provides the least functionality, and consists mainly of a single page of links to documents and lists of current credentials with expiration dates.At this level one can take tests, view their test scores, and fax in their own credential documents.

Faculty Member

This level of user does not have the ability to add users, and can only view the Information and personnel that have been assigned, or “Affiliated” with their organization. Needless to say, this Level can only see “their” data.

Agency Administrators

These users will need to be able to View, Edit, Add, and activate and De-Activate personnel, fax in documents and assign “Unclaimed” documents to individuals. At this level they also have the ability to add “End-Users” and thus access to their agency data.


The administrator has direct access to the database tables, although if this is the case in the proposed solution, then it should be a somewhat abstracted view so that data loss does not occur by accident.

Feature Set

  • Global Search : The ability for Level 2 access (Facility Staff) or the Level 4 access (ECS admin) to be able to search by a first or last name for an end-user and have that end users summary page appear.
  • Photo ID : The ability for any user at any level to upload a Photo ID and have it assigned to the end-user, and appear on their summary page.
  • Reset Date for Old / New Subscription : The ability to reset the date for an old or a new subscription to the service. This would include the ability to restart the 365 day countdown for an existing or a new subscription at any time.
  • User / Company Assignation : The ability to assign an end-user to more than one company (agency.) (Many-Many relationship between user and company)
  • Deletion : The ability to both inactivate but also delete from the database any record using level 4 access.
  • Manual ScoringThe ability to enter manual scores at both Level 3 and Level 4 access.

Title Feature

  • End-User / Facility assignment : The ability for an end-user to be assigned to more than one agency or more than one facility by administrator (Sally works for two staffing agencies or two Hospitals and wants to have her summary page information accessible to both without having to re take tests or fax document to each agency or each hospital.
  • Exporting Options : Export the data to excel, PDF and more
  • Authentication : The functionality of the system from the end-user standpoint is controlled through four levels of authentication
  • Cost effective solution : With no capital expenditure for software or hardware that effectively manages credentials faster and more effectively than ever before.
  • Standardized file format for everyone to meet their department specific regulations.