Enterprise Application Services

KAT Enterprise is leading Application Development company specialized in Enterprise application development, End-to-end application development and application support. We resolve the challenges by combining our technology and domain. We are expertise in delivering software development, enterprise application development and Web based application development in .NET and AngularJS.

Application Re-Engineering & Modernization

At KAT Enterprises, we specialize in modernizing your applications and integrating newer technologies.

Simplifying the application and environment by using modern platforms and cloud-based services. Programming in new, clean code can reduce complexity, Legacy application to .NET Refactoring custom applications and Programming language migration

Replacing an entire application or just certain parts to meet new business requirements. The solution may also include the addition of new features and interfaces, or integrating functionality from several existing applications into one new system. Application architecture and design, Web interfaces and portals, Mobile applications, Upgrade of software components

Enterprise Application Integration Services

For the Client’s enterprise’s needs we provide Enterprise Application Integration Services to maintain seamlessly operating applications at optimal cost and performance we have built a practice that enables the integration of new technology, legacy systems, cross platforms, and multi-technology in a solution. We have developed End-to-end solutions that are operationally efficient, highly effective, agile and flexible across various technology platforms.

We the expertise from our full scope of service offerings design to deployment, management to maintenance and to provide an integrated environment for our clients. This helps to increase speed of implementation, continuous improvements, reliability, visibility and predictability, and reduce costs and risks.

Our services Includes
  • Enterprise Architecture Integration
  • Business Process Integration
  • Frameworks Customization
  • Continuous Integration

Our Enterprise application integration services help you to bridge gaps between your software applications.