Financial Management system

Application provides with automated support to capture, maintain, update, and analyze data related to funding requests using the functional processes:

Product Vision

The Main Objective / vision of this product is to maintain data Management complexity Providing approval process for administrative function at various hierarchical levels. Continuous tracking of all process from submission till allotment. Keeping track of the changes done by each officer in each level of process.

Design Vision

The Application is designed for tracking the fund flow for all the entities in a firm, The tool is having a simple design architecture where the user can easily surf through the modules and work throughout the Application.

Information Architecture

Overall Deposit

This module displays the pending deposit amount for the non-renewal active organization.

Provisional Expense

This Module displays grid of records which consists of all the particulars including payee name, expenses amount and status etc.

Daily Achievers

This Module also contains the list of records with overall total bonus amount and the achievers detail daily.

Overall Deposit Pending

This Module is a report section which consists of records for the overall deposit amount pending organization details and information for the selected period

User Management

This module shows the grid for viewing the entire user list. Below having sub section for adding new user, delegated user list, Role list, add role.

Email Management

This module is exclusively designed and developed for maintaining and managing the emails. All the Hold, Rejected, signed request for all the user can be accessed here.

Maintain Codes

This module consists of Account, Account Type, and Account activity of all the users included in the application. This will also displays the organization, Budget amount etc.

System Maintenance

The system maintenance module consists of Audit trail and Year end process functionalities.


This module consists of user profile information, here the user can edit and update his personal profile information.

Feature Set

  • Users can view, enter, and update data over the Internet. All data is stored in a SQL database.
  • The Application automatically assigns each funding request a unique identifier to allow users to search for funding requests.
  • Audit trail maintained all transactions including entering, modifying, and deleting data are maintained.
  • Administrator privileges for a user to define notifications and alerts that automatically sends an email to a specified email addresses for certain administrative activities Supports integrated email, call track and online support for marketing communications.

Title Feature

  • Improved Efficiency Has enabled significant improvements in resource efficiency, timeliness to execute, end-to-end processes, faster response to changing business and customer conditions, and automation of standard communications.
  • Reliable and Integrated Data : Users can access the information from anywhere. Increased data accuracy and consistency.
  • Increased application security. Roles and Access Management implemented increases the application security level. Audit log helps to keep track of the changes made in different levels to the system.
  • Create Provisional expense : User can create the Provisional expenses by entering the simply entering the provisional details.
  • Actual income : This report section displays all the original income value for the entire Projects under development.
  • Expense report : This report section displays all the expense funds for the selection of period.
  • It is highly automated. Automation does not need to set up a separate team to handle updates, approvals and analysis. Automation is one of the biggest attractions of this solution.