Human Feedback Response System | Features

It is a social network aimed at smokers who are willing to quit smoking. The goal of the application system will be to allow researchers access to data related to patients towards their smoking cessation efforts. The application will be made available for IOS and Android devices.

Product Vision

By creating closer partnerships between medical teams, patients and their caregivers, This Application can improve medical diagnostic times and enhance treatment efficiency. Digital Health is a cultural transformation of disruptive technologies. The Application provides objective data accessible in real-time. This takes informed consent to a new level to improve compliance and outcomes.

The Application provides a comprehensive patient reported outcome and e-consoling and engagement platform on a cost-effective membership model known as Software as a Service. The advanced data platform provides insights into a patient’s behaviors beyond drug adherence and clinical information. It uses real time patient reported outcomes to make advanced personalize medicine possible for every patient.

Design Vision

A user can register and submit their details to application. The super administrator has the right to create a user and that user will consider as Health-Coach user.

If the user entering into application directly without invitation from admin thenhe/she will consider as Self-Help user.

The user will be created depending on the registration. After new user registration, user has to select the menus (smoking, depression and pain) which they want. User has two roles patient and support member.

User can view and edit their profile details like profile picture, cover photo, name and also enable/disable the selected menu.

User can share their Report via Email

Information Architecture

Pain and Symptoms Module

  • This module is used for record your pain and symptoms for previous dates and times by changing the date dates and time.
  • Pain and Symptoms Tracker report show a graphical representation of pain captured by Pain Tracker widget.
  • Share is powerful feature enabling the users to share their Monthly or Weekly.
  • Report through email.
  • Pain Forecast is used to Know things such as temperature, humidity, pressure, etc, and how their fluctuations can have direct impacts on pain and body reaction to treatment. This is a way of finding out if there is any relation between our pain and body reaction to treatment and weather condition is to monitor and keep track.

Smoking Module

  • This module enables to set goal and log smoking habit and tracking the progress.
  • Smoking Tracker Widget is additional tool that enable user to keep track of their smoking habit directly from their phone screen without going inside the application.
  • Daily notification for target number of cigarettes that the user is supposed to smoke for a day provided the user has set the goals

Depression Module

  • This module is used for the user where he/she can have self – diagnostic depression test as often as you like, view your test result in calendar and share the result through email.
  • User can also keep track of their mood and log their daily event associated with their mood.

Weight Log Module

  • This module is used for the user to add their weight log in to the system.
  • User can be able to see a chart that displays all the previous weight entries for Week and for Months.
  • User should be able to share their log report through email.

Technical Architecture

The application will be able to allow fluid user interaction while the core logic will be computed on the back-end server, thereby reducing the application size and its memory footprint. The communication between the mobile device and the backend server will be performed over Web Service calls. The service description is the key to making the Web Services architecture loosely coupled and reducing the amount of required shared understanding and custom programming and integration between the service provider and the service requestor.

Feature Set
  • Integrated Communication e-counseling, private closed-group and public social networking.
  • Hardware Independent Android & iPhone, tablet, PC or Mac.
  • EHR Agnostic API code library facilitates easy HIPPA-compliance.
  • Advanced Data Analytics Caregivers and Researchers can observe patient behavior and interact with the system.
  • Actionable, in-depth data collection of patient-reported outcomes, environmental, climate and geo-location.

Title Feature
  • Symptom Tracker features the list of symptoms identified by the National Cancer Institute.
  • Symptom Tracker provides patients with rare or chronic conditions a way to use their Smartphone to track symptoms.
  • It uses real time patient reported outcomes to make advanced personalize medicine possible for every patient.
  • It provides remote monitoring/engagement and new novel data collections methods that enhance knowledge of disease trajectory and treatment efficacy.
  • It is a secure, open platform that provides for constant connection between your employees, their caregivers, and on-site health and wellness staff.
  • Depression and/or smoking addiction helps employers lower their cost, increase preventive care practices, reduce absenteeism, and adding competitive advantage to your recruiting benefit package.
  • The Application design is rooted in four level of personal engagement: to Inform, facilitate Consulting and Collaboration, and to Empower people to prevent chronic diseases.