Product Engineering


In today’s fast-evolving business landscape, organizations are driven to constantly improve their product life cycle elements. Strategy and structure are paramount, with the correct foundation allowing you to leverage data, automate or scale internal processes, and focus on growing your business.

Organizations find it difficult to meet increasing customer expectations on quality, cost control, and fast changing technologies. Additionally, they must tackle with issues such as reducing design costs, reducing product development life cycles, and optimizing their business processes.

Organizations always depend on product engineering solutions to meet complex consumer demands and help them create a remarkable difference. KAT Enterprise helps its clients by delivering such good art product engineering solutions. We work closely with our clients from design to delivery of the products.

Product Development
  • Website, Application Development and Automation
  • Collaboration focus on user preferences & experiences
  • Agile approach for quick market launch

KAT Enterprise has developed and patented Enaya Kedayam(EK), a secure, portable device with Windows 11 that replaces employee laptops and can also be used as a personal computer. Tracked and managed through Dynamics portal & powerBI.


Product development is an extensive process, and it includes various phases from Ideation, Architecture, Testing and QA, Maintenance and Support, Porting and Migration. We support our clients through an entire lifespan of product development, including:

Product Ideation

We leverage our domain expertise, research and analytical capabilities, and vast technology knowledge to generate ideas for products. Also, we can recommend and suggest enhancements to existing products to make them future-friendly.

Product Architecture

Through these services, we can convert product concepts into a product design, and finally a working products. This is a process of understanding the technical and operational environment in which a proposed application will work. It also involves determining the system requirements. During this phase, we emphasize on various key aspects such as functional requirements of an application, level of performance, development period, and non-functional requirements such as operability, reliability, efficiency, security, etc.

Testing and QA

KAT Enterprise not only provides Application Testing Services, it also has an expertise in Product Testing. Offering under Product Testing:

  • Complete product testing cycle.
  • Manual & Automated testing services covering Functional, Performance and Regression Testing.
  • Comprehensive test environment at offshore location.
Maintenance and Support

KAT Enterprise provides dedicated maintenance and support services that will enable you to concentrate better on your core business functions. We are a team of expert product professionals who carry an expertise that is crystallized by experience spanning over a decade in the industry. We provide you with long-term continual maintenance and real-time support services for all your requirements. Our methodologies and systems focus on consistent stability, long-term functionality, and rigorous preventive maintenance to avoid problems that typically arise from less than complete or short-term solutions. Our Maintenance & Support Services include direct access to experienced, knowledgeable, and trusted support specialists through flexible service. This overall approach has consistently allowed our clients to reduce recurring maintenance costs while maximizing uptime and availability.

Product Porting and Migration

Product porting and migration is a continuous process across all business verticals. Applications and platforms which were useful several years ago have become outdated, not just because they are not based on modern technologies. They cannot be used effectively for their business needs, and they have become too expensive for their business. At the same time, the rapidly developing IT industry puts forward new cost-effective and performance-effective solutions: platforms, technologies and runtime environments, which can and should be used to make company systems more effective. Our goal is to improve the usability and effectiveness of products by providing a safe and smooth step-by- step transition to new platforms, technologies and environments.


  • Faster launch of the product in the market.
  • Reduce product development and sustenance cost.
  • Minimizes risks of failure and improves focus on strategic initiatives.
  • Robust and flexible engagement models.
  • Tested and proven engineering methodologies.
  • Improve product quality.